Monday, March 7, 2011

Coordinated Fire # 2 - Tuesday Night Casual Standard at the Downtown Hairy T

Hello everyone and welcome back to a special edition of The Cardboard Witch.  Unfortunately like the last edition of Coordinated Fire this announcement is only relevant to local Magic players who play in Toronto; if you've tuned in for the latest Limited/Standard article you may be mildly disappointed.

Okay with that out of the way it is my pleasure to announce that starting Tuesday March 8th the downtown Hairy Tarantula Location will be holding a "Tuesday Night Casual Standard" event at 8PM on a weekly basis.  This is a completely free event and requires only that a player arrive with a good attitude and a Standard-legal deck with a complete 15 card Sideboard.  Before we get into the nitty gritty details lets talk a bit about what I mean by casual Standard:

What does "Casual Standard" mean:  Basically the idea is to get a bunch of players together locally on a weekly basis to play and practice their Standard decks against a varied field.  Players are encouraged to be social, talk with each other about deck construction and potentially try new builds before they take them out to the larger tournament scene.  While there will often be a Sanctioned Standard event running concurrently players are not required to participate/risk DCI points and space will be reserved for unrecorded "practice" gaming at every event.  This naturally means that unless players *have* signed up for the sanctioned event they are free to come and go as they please; running late or only time for a couple games?  Come on down anyway!

What "Casual Standard" does not mean:  This is a legitimate Standard practice event and that means that many players *WILL* bring current Tier 1 Standard decks.  Naturally nobody has a problem with you trying out your incredible new "homebrew" monstrosity, but it's important to understand that players are free to play with *any* Standard legal cards in *any* combination they so desire that adds up to a 60+ card maindeck and a 15 card Sideboard.  In other words; no freaking out and having a tantrum just because your opponent cast a Stoneforge Mystic and a Jace the Mind Sculptor in the same game.  Additionally if you *are* playing in the sanctioned event all current DCI rules apply; just because the event is "casual" doesn't mean your opponent has to let you take-back boneheaded mistakes.  If you're still practicing your deck feel free to skip the sanctioned tourney and join others in casual side games all night.

Tuesday Casual Standard at the Hairy Tarantula (Downtown):

What:  A casual gather of Magic Players designed to promote Standard play at the Hairy T Downtown Location.

When: The event begins at 8PM every Tuesday night.  Players who wish to participate in the sanctioned tournament portion of this event are encouraged to arrive on time.  Players simply looking for "practice" may arrive as they please but you're more likely to get games early.  Typically this event will run until about 11:30PM although it may run a little longer if the sanctioned tourney runs longer.

Where:  This event is held at the downtown location of The Hairy Tarantula Comics and Games.  The store is located at 354 Yonge Street on the 2nd floor.  You can call the store at 415-596-8002 if you're having trouble finding it (a periodic issue).

Cost:  This event is completely free; players are simply required to show up with a Standard legal deck and prepare to battle.

Note due to space and time considerations there is a cap of 10 players for the sanctioned tournament portion of this event.  Please feel free to register early any time on Tuesday if you're worried about losing a seat.  Additionally due to the cost of the event ($0) there will be no prizes for the event at this time.  I'll see what I can do to wrangle some Promos for future dates but at the moment we're playing for the love of the game.  Finally I should probably mention that anyone with a "cat" allergy may want to take a Claratin or two before attending the event.

Well folks there you have it; the complete lowdown on the latest exciting way for you to spend time playing Magic here at the Hairy T.  Please feel free to stop by and check it out on Tuesday evenings and hopefully I'll see you there myself!

PS: I'll have a draft article up sometime early this week in case you aren't local and this announcement means nothing to you.

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