Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A brief explaination of this past weekend and my continued absence

Hello everyone out there on the Internets; unfortunately this time I can't say welcome back to another edition of The Cardboard Witch.  As many of you are aware I recently attended the Toronto TGC Player Open this past weekend (20th of March); an event I had been looking forward to since about Christmas and had decided that I wouldn't miss for the entire world.  As most of you are probably not aware however I became violently ill at this tournament and despite the best efforts made by the head judge (thanks a million) was forced to drop from the event after 3 rounds.  I had intended to gut it out after throwing up a couple of times but unfortunately when I blacked out and collapsed a mere 8 feet from the judges tables I felt I could not in good conscience make the judges responsible for my continued participation in the tournament.  If you're curious I was 3-0 with Green Sun Valakut and had not lost a game despite losing the roll to go first every time; unfortunately I was also running hot in another way and I doubt I could have maintained my level of play even if I hadn't blacked out simply due to fever/fatigue.  Later that evening I apparently turned blue and there was some discussion of calling an ambulance so it was quite serious and I was right to call it a day even if that's little consolation to my competitive spirit at the moment.  Now several days later I am at home resting after having consulted a doctor; I'm feeling quite a bit better although I'm still very tired and have been unable to play more than a game or two of Magic at a time without wanting to fall asleep.  I don't rightly know when I will be able to get back to playing Magic competitively and at the moment I don't have a lot of energy for blogging.  For those of you who've made The Cardboard Witch a regular stop on your tour of the blogsphere please forgive this brief interruption of service.  I promise to rest up and come back better than ever but for now I just can't provide the quality of writing I consider worthy of publishing.  Please bear with me and I promise to bring the blog back online as soon as possible.

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