Sunday, June 19, 2011

Abstract Iterations #4: With a Little Help From My Friends

Hello everyone and welcome back to a special "quickie" edition of The Cardboard Witch.  For those of you wondering when "Fight Music" will be published on Mana Deprived all I can say is that I've sent the article off but it was about 6000 words so I'm probably going to have to be a little patient with the editing process.  In other words this might take a couple days; don't worry I won't forget about it and I promise to post a link here as soon as it's published.  Unfortunately that's actually all I've got in terms of "news" or exciting info; after spending all day writing my heart out I went to bed early a little down and had some trouble sleeping.  After tossing and turning for at least 4 hours I finally gave up and decided to start answering some emails when lo and behold but what do I find in my inbox?  Customized treasure folks, check it out:

Recently a friend of mine from back home in Michigan (Trevor) has been constantly bugging me to get into Commander; habitually reminding me that the new Commander preconstructed decks would be a perfect jumping on point to join in on all the fun.  Unfortunately I've been pretty much ignoring his pleas because I already play a ridiculous amount of Magic without adding additional formats.  Finally unable to take any more badgering I begged off of the discussion by firmly stating "I'm sorry Trevor, I just don't think Commander is really *me*".  Undaunted Trevor simply asked me what my favorite 3 color combinations were and after I told him wandered back off into cyberspace; or so I thought.  As it turns out Trevor has been working diligently on a custom set of commander-type cards that featured "magic'd up" versions of me!  Touche Trevor, touche.  I really don't know the Commander format very well so I can't tell you if these cards are any good but I can definately say they're ridiculously cool.  Additionally as if having one awesome general type card named after you isn't enough, Trevor actually sent me 3 entirely different generals with my name on them!

I'm not exactly sure how I became an agent of Glissa since I've never used either version of her in an actual deck but I'm oddly okay with being a skanky zombie shaman.  While the first card (R/W/B) was pretty cool from an aggro perspective even my untrained eye can tell you that Nina, Agent of Glissa is ridiculously broken.  I especially like the touch of doing something when I *leave* play rather than enter and combining that with a way to sacrifice myself off for fun and profit.  Also I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that in a format where everyone is playing 3-4 colors and the greediest land bases possible the land destruction part of the ability will be oddly relevant. :)  While I doubt my opponents would agree in my opinion this card would equal instant fun every single time it hit the table while faciliating multiple disgusting combos I haven't even thought of yet.  Clearly Trevor takes this EDH stuff seriously.

This 3rd one is actually probably my favorite card of the 3 simply because her abilities seem so damn cool and deceptively powerful.  Unfortunately I highly doubt I'd personally have Shroud and I'm not exactly sure how I became a Shapeshifter but if it means I can make my opponent's shuffle their commanders back into their decks at will I'll take it!  So what do you guys think of Trevor's designs?  Clearly these cards are kinda broken but would they be good (or too good) cards in the multiplayer Commander format?

Well folks sorry for getting your hopes up with a throwaway article but when I found these beauties waiting for me on Gmail I immediately knew I would have to share them on the blog.  I'd like to give a special thanks to Trevor for taking the time to make me something so special and personal.  I know you got the 2 of the pictures off my blog but where you got the Zombie Shaman from will forever elude me.  Regardless you made my day and just maybe if people will let me use *these* cards I'll find a way to learn a whole new format between now and Nationals.  Thanks skittles Trevor.  Okay gang, show and tell is over and I've got to get to bed before the sun makes sleeping impossible; as always thanks for reading and remember that while flattery may get you nowhere it's still a pretty good way to brighten someone's day.

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