Saturday, November 13, 2010

Of Limited Interest #12 - "Shake the Disease"

Hello everyone and welcome back for a very special edition of The Cardboard Witch.  As part of our ongoing efforts to branch out online I've agreed to write a Cardboard Witch article for the website  They sponsor and help make the wildly popular Eh Team (Magic) podcast that I reference on this blog from time to time and Mr Scotty Mac was nice enough to give us a shout out during a recent broadcast.  For regular readers looking to check out the latest Cardboard Witch article please click on the following link: Shake the Disease  While you're there feel free to check out some of the other amazing and 100% free content available on the site including decklists, strategy articles and previous episodes of The Eh Team podcast.  

For those of you who've ended up here by following the link from the article posted on Welcome!  This is the blog I mentioned in the article; while obviously this isn't the best post to start with feel free to click around and check the place out.  While I can't rightly say myself I've been told by readers that the following two posts are some of my best work:

Hopefully that helps and again welcome to The Cardboard Witch.


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